My Swimming Lessons

Two weeks ago it was swimming lessons for my school. My favourite instructor was Parys and Christine and my swimming lessons were at Swim Magic Swim School. I was nervous and excited because I thought I might not be able to swim like all the others. The best part of the swimming lesson was doing back stroke and a hand stand under water and even going on the boat!  We went on the bus to and from swimming. When I was there I was kicking very fast. My teammates and I had races and I won!! I was faster than my teammates. We had to bring togs, a towel, goggles and my teammates for swimming took turns and we were doing freestyle and had lots of fun. Here’s a picture of me swim.

Room 6 Matariki learning

This month we celebrated Matariki, on the 14th of July. The whole of New Zealand had a public holiday and we were still on school holidays. Matariki means the eyes of god, and we learned about the god of the wind, Tawhiritamea who threw his eye up into the sky because he was angry that his parents got separated. He blows wind all around us everyday.

You can see in the picture the Matariki cardboard stars we made with cardboard circles and two different coloured wool. We had fun making these.

Last week my class and I learned how to play knuckle bones which is a game Maori children used to play long ago and also my dad said he played knuckle bones when he was young. I had fun playing knuckle bones even though we used little stones.


Future footprint




Yesterday Mrs.Grant came to room 6 and she told us to imagine in 10-20 years of people searching up our names and thinking about our future footprint to be good people and know that i’m famous for making a fale.






















How to write an email

Today we were learning how to write a good email and before you open an email you have to look at the person’s name and see if you know them. We then have to make sure to greet people and write clearly about the topic. After signing off I need to proofread it and make sure I have to stick to the subject and say positive words.

Characterisation of Fingerbone Bill

I am an old wise man. I like being in thunder and storms sometimes, but I’m not lonely. I’m happy to be in nature and I know how to cook and look after myself. Sometimes people make fun of me but I don’t mind. My ancestors have lived here a long time and I have learned everything I know from them. I’m tall and very skinny and can still run fast.I am resourceful.

Our ki o rahi tournament

On Tuesday morning after morning tea we played a ki o rahi tournament out on the field. Rooms 6, 7, and 8 children had to wear our house colours, which are blue for Rimu, grren for Kauri, yellow for Totara and red for Rata. I was in Rimu house. Coach Trey was my coach. Coach trey is really good at ki o rahi and reffing. Room 6,7, 8 were playing, and some people were watching on the wall.  I was cheering for Kauri and Kauri won. Most people had 2 turns but I gave my turn away to someone else. There were 6 rounds and I was in the second round. I helped some people score in the game and I was a guardian. It was a really good day out in the sun with my friends.

ANZAC Biscuits

Last Thursday we ate ANZAC biscuits. I was happy as the class had to smell, feel and taste them. When I tasted the ANZAC biscuits, they were crunchy, crispy and hard like a rock. The ingredients were butter, flour, baking soda, coconut, and golden syrup. It looked like a hula hoop and was round like the moon. It tasted sweet. A long time ago women would bake these biscuits and send them to their sons and husbands in the Army. Did you know the First World War was in 1915 which is over 100 years ago?